SHAMBALLA JEWELS · Conqueror of Love

For more than a decade, Shamballa Jewels has dedicated itself to creating unique and highly personal fine jewellery for men and women, who are courageous and curious by nature.

SHAMBALLA JEWELS · Conqueror of Love

Shamballa Jewels presents the Conqueror of Love Collection

For 2018, the fine jewellery brand, Shamballa Jewels, presents the Conqueror of Love Collection inspired by the essence of living and state of being; nature. As for love itself, nature will bloom with a little tender love and care, and so this collection introduces a vibrant palette of green and blue shades leading the thoughts to nature’s own creations, and recreating a feeling of wonder and awe of the natural world - the excitement and lust for travelling into the unknown.

With a playful palette of colourful gemstones, raw diamonds and 18K Yellow Gold, this is a collection encouraging you to embrace nature and pursue adventure in the true spirit of Shamballa Jewels. Colours emerge from a naturally deep base of woodland, camouflage and tent green into a wild collection of blue, yellow and brown – all charged with energy and optimism.


Being one of the oldest gemstones in man’s history, having adorned the Talisman of Kings, Shamans and Warriors for ages, the Turquoise is said to have the power to overcome challenges in life, to achieve great goals. A newcomer in the Shamballa Jewels universe, the Green Turquoise brings a breath of fresh air into the palette, strengthened when put together with the dark, yet discrete Ebony beads. Together with the Blue Turquoise – sparkling with energy – this are the gemstones of the season.


Another novelty in the Shamballa Jewels repertoire of precious gems and diamonds, the Green Sapphire adds a clean take to the Shamballa Jewels creations with its touch of softness. Believed to bring wisdom of fidelity and integrity into one’s life, the Green Sapphire encourages loyalty and trust. The calm feel is completed when combined with Yellow Sapphires and 18K Yellow Gold, and given a contrasting edge and bold look when combined with dark Ebony beads.


The Star of Shamballa adorns every piece of jewellery within the Shamballa Jewels universe as a reminder to strengthen oneself and others through love, joy, compassion and wisdom – reflected through the four directions of the star.


Mads and Mikkel Kornerup established the fine jewellery brand, Shamballa Jewels, in 2005, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Named after the mythical Himalayan kingdom of Shamballa, Shamballa Jewels unites Eastern philosophy with Nordic design traditions in its jewellery designs.

Shamballa Jewels is present in over 30 countries, as well as in Andorra, with its Flagship Stores being in Copenhagen and New York.

The design repertoire includes bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, earrings and rings. All Shamballa Jewels creations are in 18K gold with diamonds and precious stones, and can be customized bead for bead.

Epitome of impeccable craftsmanship they are set, braided and polished by hand in the Copenhagen Atelier, Denmark.

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