Mercat del Diamant Horloger Joaillier Bijoutier Andorre la Vieille

Emblem of luxury and a true institution in Andorra, the jeweler and watchmaker Mercat Del Diamant offers you an exclusive selection of the most sumptuous creations from the most prestigious workshops. This famous jeweler offers their unique expertise and recognized savoir-faire to you with a chance to explore their luxury timepieces and high jewelry…

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Make Your Legacy <strong>Unique</strong>

Chopard bracelets, Chaumet necklaces, Niessing rings and other luxury jewels, each piece placed on display by this jeweler is selected with scrupulous attention to its premium materials, the talent of its creator and the authentic savoir-faire with which it was assembled.

Breitling, Chopard and Chanel, the greatest names in luxury watchmaking are all available at Mercat Del Diamant in Andorra la Vella. Our watchmaker selects the most exclusive timepieces in accordance with their exacting standards for elegance, legacy, precision and the cutting-edge technology nestled like treasures within their stunning exteriors.

Wedding & Engagement

Andorra la Vella’s jeweler offers an incredible selection of wedding bands and engagement rings, ranging from the most discrete to the most extravagant. This highly skilled and knowledgeable diamond merchant is renowned for its extremely high-quality precious stones - Mercat del Diamant is the definitive rendezvous for lovers in Andorra.

Gemology Workshop

Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds, the experts at Mercat Del Diamant’s Gemology Workshop place their skilled knowledge at your disposal. Well-versed in the art of lapidary, they work to make each gem’s singular beauty shine.