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ORIS and Classic Side Tour.

The Swiss watch brand ORIS has announced its partnership with Classic Side Tour, a discovery service of Andorra aboard a sidecar.

ORIS and Classic Side Tour.

ORIS announces a new joint project with the Andorran company Classic Side Tour

The Andorran tourist industry, traditionally based on skiing and shopping, has developed in step with the times, adapting itself to the new trends in leisure.

The Classic Side Tour, which is based on the original idea of discovering Andorra from a sidecar, is an example. This holiday proposal helps to diversify the traditional range of tourist activities by offering a new experience halfway between sports participation and the discovery of the landscape.

For this reason the leading jewellery establishments BÀSIC MERCAT and Mercat del Diamant are pleased to have brought together the prestigious watch brand ORIS, founded in the year 1904, and the recently created enterprise Classic Side Tour, which are launching a joint project to their mutual advantage.

URAL sidecars made their appearance in 1941, while the ORIS brand has been producing quality watches in Switzerland for over 100 years.

An independent brand with a long history, ORIS upholds unwavering principles in the pursuit of its specialization: the manufacture of superb mechanical instruments with their own unique style. In short, the ORIS brand has lots of personality and its watches are reliable, innovative, functional and beautiful, making them ideal for any trip.

The ORIS Divers Sixty-Five watch

ORIS entered the diver’s watch market in the 1960s. With its series of exquisitely crafted mechanical timepieces, it sought to offer divers instruments with a greater number of functions, together with outstanding reliability and incomparable style.
Half a century later, this independent Swiss company still makes watches based on the same principles. Indeed, its watches are highly acknowledged and respected by the demanding international diving community, which continues to place its trust in this brand.

One of the contemporary ORIS creations is Divers Sixty-Five, a model based on a design from 1965. Today’s line preserves the original’s distinguished retro look but these fine watches are now manufactured by the most advanced modern techniques, using next-generation materials. This gives Divers Sixty-Five the classic appearance of a vintage timepiece that is made with a stainless steel corrosion-resistant case of the highest quality and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to protect the watch face.

Why has Classic Side Tour chosen the ORIS Divers Sixty-Five watch?

When the time came to choose an emblematic timepiece of the ORIS brand to represent this project, it was clear that the Divers Sixty-Five watch shares some essential principles and an aesthetic outlook with the company Classic Side Tour.
Available in various models featuring different dial colours (blues, greens, blacks...) with steel, NATO, rubber and aged leather straps and bracelets, the Divers Sixty-Five series sports a well-loved classic design melding authenticity with modernity. These, in short, were the deciding factors in the choice of this exceptional watch as the new project’s symbol.