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Register your Breitling on the blockchain.

Breitling becomes the first luxury watch brand to offer blockchain-based digital passports for all of its watches.

Register your Breitling on the blockchain.

• From October 13, 2020, all watches produced by Breitling are offered with a digital passport encrypted in the blockchain supported by Arianee technology, proving their authenticity and accessible in one click.
• Owners can access this new digital world with one click, with complete anonymity thanks to blockchain technology which allows to prove the legitimacy of the property and to issue proofs of digital trust.
• This increased anonymity creates a new paradigm in customer relations, focusing solely on the watch covered by the digital passport
• Breitling is thus laying the first stone of an economy of services around the brand’s watches for the benefit of owners who therefore have access to all the fundamental information, guaranteed to follow up repairs, and soon to an offer of loss and insurance insurance. flight.

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