Breitling & Breitling Jet Team.

A pioneer in the field of fine watchmaking, the emblematic Breitling watch brand has, since its inception, revolutionized the world of aviation timepieces, crafting incredibly accurate, precise chronographs.

Breitling & Breitling Jet Team.

A passion for excellence

Breitling has made countless technical discoveries, which have allowed it to keep its place at the forefront of the world of fine watchmaking. These inventions are constantly showered with honors and praise. The brand has also played a pivotal role in the growth of aviation. The brand’s passion for creating stunning and accurate aviation watches has lead Breitling on the natural path to becoming the Breitling Jet Team’s partner. The aviator Jacques Bothelin founded this team.

Breitling’s history

From the moment Breitling was established, its determined, passionate founder, Léon Breitling, propelled the brand on a dazzling adventure. Rapidly, Breitling’s resolute commitment to technical advancements led the brand’s engineers to make ground-breaking inventions in the watchmaking field. Over the years, the brand released an explosion of inventions, including chronographs and counters of unparalleled precision. These technical instruments gave the field of Aviation a chance to grow. Proud of the Brand’s rich history, its CEO Georges Kern stated, “Breitling has proven itself as a partner in aviation for nearly a hundred years. But we’re looking forward to showing the world that the sky is definitely not the limit!”

A symbolic partnership

Breitling official supporter of the Breitling Jet Team

In 2003 Breitling became an official supporter and sponsor of the prestigious Breitling Jet Team, which is comprised of internationally renowned pilots. This high-flying partnership embodies Breitling’s century-old passion for aviation and the Swiss watchmaker’s admiration for the Breitling Jet Team’s expert aerobatic pilots.

Appreciation for innovation and aestheticism

At the end of the 19th century aviation was in its infancy. Léon Breitling’s inventions - such as the wrist chronograph – greatly contributed to the fledgling field of aviation, allowing it to flourish. The brand’s push to discover new inventions propelled them into a modern world echoing the era’s intrepid visionaries and their dreams of flying. By the 1930s, Breitling had become the leading brand of aviation watches among pilots. Once Breitling had established itself as a prestigious partner in the world of aviation it was chosen to equip aircraft cockpits with on-board chronographs. Breitling’s instruments gained in popularity with aviators and military pilots around the world.

Breitling won the hearts of airplane enthusiasts when it launched its Navitimer wrist chronograph in 1952. To this day, both professional aviators and airplane enthusiasts recognize this timepiece as a true instrument of technical prowess.

Breitling Jet Team: Mirroring Breitling’s values

Breitling’s corporate identity & aerobatic pilots

Breitling’s CEO Georges Kern, spoke about the important partnership, which has been forged between this Swiss watch brand and the Breitling Jet Team. He said that the team specializing in aerobatics perfectly reflectsed this fine watchmaker’s legacy and values, proudly stating, “We and the Breitling Jet Team are characterized by some striking synergies, notably technological achievement and mastery, aesthetic sophistication and human excellence. They are arguably the face of Breitling’s aviation heritage.”

The sky has no limit!

The Breitling Jet Team, based in Dijon, France, is proud of its extraordinary acrobatic aerial performances, which amaze crowds of onlookers around the world. The teams of pilots impress and delight the public at air shows by flying in a close formation comprised of seven L-39 Albatros jets. They stay within three metres of each other and reach speeds of up to 435 mph (700 km/h).