TUUM Made in Italy jewels, by Mercat del Diamant, luxury jeweller in Andorra

TUUM in Latin means "yours". A 2000 year old story, but still new, expressed through unique, handmade jewelry.

TUUM Made in Italy jewels, by Mercat del Diamant, luxury jeweller in Andorra

This is TUUM

A 2000 year old story

The jewelry house TUUM Made in Italy wants to express, through its collections, the meaning of a 2000-year-old history, but still new.

Through her jewelry people can find the taste and charm of things made by hand, with care, like her creations.

They become personal, unique, part of the existence of those who wear them, like a prayer.


TUUM was born from the desire to make spirituality tangible, to imprint the words of a prayer on a ring, and to create jewelry that has a timeless value.

The real idea was to borrow a universally shared text, translate it and interpret it in the language of design.

Rings, pillars of TUUM


The name of the collection symbolizes the beginning of the TUUM project. It is, therefore, the first jewel of TUUM that draws its inspiration from the prayer Our Father in Latin.


This collection represents both the soul of the ORIGINE and TUAM rings before proceeding with its galvanization. Thanks to the rhodium glow, the lyrics of “Pater Noster” and “Ave Maria” stand out in an extraordinary way.


The COLOR collection is based on the same ring as ANIMAE, but the space between the different letters in the text has been filled with colored enamel.

A very difficult operation to perform that gives rise to two versions of the “Pater Noster” and the “Ave Maria” in eleven different colors allowing a full customization according to your mood!


LA FEDE is unique: what at first glance looks like a decoration is actually a real micro sculpture with perfect details, to be admired with a lens.
The precision of the letters that already characterized the fringed rings, is taken to an even smaller scale: created with the help of a new and extraordinary technique of micro fusion, which gives relief to the words of Pater Noster on a thickness of only 5 millimeters.

TUUM’s necklaces


The Guardian ANGEL who has always nourished the imagination of great writers, sculptors and poets, in TUUM jewelry, he assumes the typical characteristics of the brand’s design, a network of symbols and numbers.
ANGELO is TUUM’s interpretation of the Guardian Angel, whose symbol recalls both the stylized body with the halo and its initial.


ROSARIO is a tribute to ROSARIUM, which means “crown of roses” in Latin. Faithful to tradition, the TUUM rosary is made up of 50 grains in groups of 10, the tens. The grains used are onyx or river pearls which follow one another along a hip in yellow gold plated silver (T-gold, TUUM’s gold), pink gold or rhodium.
With the intention of leaving everyone the freedom to interpret personally, the TUUM rosary replaces the image of the face of Mary with the emblematic and incomparable “M” of Mary and Mater.
In the same way, at the end of the necklace, FLORA shines, symbol of life framed in LA FEDE de TUUM, which contains the values ​​which, of course, surround and protect the life of each man: honesty, respect for spoken words, punctuality, prudence and respect for parents.
These details make it unique, unforgettable and absolutely distinctive.


The first symbol protected by LA FEDE of TUUM is COR. "Since ancient times, the wedding ring has been worn in the right hand, due to the belief that a small artery ran through it and connected directly with the heart."
From this inspiration, the ring, symbol of perfect union, unites the heart, a symbolic place where precious feelings are born, cross and are preserved.
The COR of TUUM goes beyond a common symbol: it is not just a gift between two lovers, it rather symbolizes the feeling and, therefore, the affection and protection that exists between a grandfather and a grandson, between a mother and her own son or between two great friends.


The FLORE collection represents TUUM’s desire to go beyond the classic symbols of jewelry and takes its name from the flower represented within LA FEDE. It is the symbol of life. Available in yellow gold, white gold or rhodium silver, with chain or rope.


The name DECEM comes from Latin and means "ten". The choice of the name is not fortuitous, like every detail of TUUM: the ring is printed with the 10 "M", which crown the symbol of FLORA.
While in the burnished or rhodium-plated silver version each "M" is marked with a small grain reminiscent of the recitation of the Rosary, in the gold versions 10 diamonds shine.


Faithful to the idea of making the message tangible, the ORIGINE, TUAM and ANGELO semi-rigid bracelets evoke in detail the first born of TUUM’s creations: the iconic fringe ring. Made of 925 silver, bangle model, they carry the words of Our Father, Hail Mary and the Angel of God printed in relief and rigorously in Latin. As on the ring, the capital letters P and M are imposed to recall the beautiful illustrated manuscripts of medieval tradition.

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