SHAMBALLA JEWELS at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s fine jewelry store

The fusion of ancient Eastern philosophy and traditional Nordic design.
For more than a decade, SHAMBALLA JEWELS has been dedicated to creating unique, high-quality and extremely personal jewelry for both men and women. Their nature-inspired jewelry is crafted for discerning collectors seeking pieces with deep symbolic meaning that reaches far beyond mere luxury.

SHAMBALLA JEWELS at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s fine jewelry store

Inspired by the mythical Himalayan kingdom of Shamballa

SHAMBALLA JEWELS’ creations feature a fusion of Eastern philosophy and traditional Nordic design, blending ancient symbols and icons to instill virtues and values such as love, joy, compassion and wisdom.

The Inner Cup of Wisdom

This season’s Inner Cup of Wisdom collection introduces orange carnelian to SHAMBALLA JEWELS’ sweeping selection of precious stones, diamonds and 18K gold. Combined with yellow-brown sapphires, this mineral’s bold colour brings a rush of vivacity and joy, while scintillating black diamonds and onyx make its colour pop.

Compassion, love, joy and wisdom

In Eastern philosophy, great warriors use their inner strength on the battlefield and view war as an art. SHAMBALLA JEWELS uses a combination of dark and scintillating stones to instill strength in modern day warriors, giving them the courage, wisdom, joy and power to reach their goals. In its pieces for women, SHAMBALLA JEWELS uses carnelian, coral and moonstone set in 18K pink gold, representing joy, vivacity and an intense quality that stimulates femininity.

The Laughing Skull Phurpa

The Laughing Skull Phurpa is the showpiece of the Inner Cup of Wisdom collection. The focal point of this piece is a gold skull-shaped bead with glistening diamond eyes and a thunderbolt-embellished crown. In Eastern philosophy the Laughing Skull is also known as the Cup of Wisdom. The Phurpa dagger is another Eastern symbol used in this piece. Traditionally this blunt ritual dagger was not designed to cause injuries but to immobilise evil in order to overcome obstructions. Laughing Skull Phurpa is a reminder to seek wisdom and embrace life with joy and optimism!


The STAR OF SHAMBALLA is the luxury brand’s logo but to its founders, Mads and Mikkel Kornerup, its meaning runs much deeper. This symbol is present in each piece of jewellery their brand creates. The talented brothers who founded SHAMBALLA JEWELS stated in an interview that the presence of this star in their work is, “Meant to be a reminder to live one’s life with purpose and to use one’s personal power to strengthen oneself and others through love, joy, compassion and wisdom - reflected through the four points of the STAR OF SHAMBALLA.”

Exclusive creations

SHAMBALLA JEWELS’ creations are almost never identical. This is why masters in the world of fashion, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Diane Von Furstenberg and Valentino, all wore pieces from this luxury jewellery brand.

The piece that brought the brand critical acclaim and established it as a modern icon was a SHAMBALLA JEWELS bracelet custom-ordered by the famous musician and producer Jay Z. This 18K gold bracelet was engraved with Jay Z’s logo, his initials and zodiac sign. This personalised one-of-a-kind piece was designed with a timeless, versatile style.

Personalised, singular jewellery with a refined yet casual style

SHAMBALLA JEWELS’ story continues and the brand stays committed to creating unique jewellery that reflects each client’s personality. This luxury jewellery brand offers services that guide its customers through the magical journey of designing their own piece of jewellery that will reflect their inner being.

Due to its uncompromising attitude toward using the finest raw materials, SHAMBALLA JEWELS only uses 18K gold and G/VS diamonds.

Customers select rare gemstones and precious stones, which are polished and set into hand-woven pieces in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Each personalised bracelet or necklace must incorporate at least one circle or square bead crafted of 18K gold and an 18K gold closure featuring the STAR OF SHAMBALLA. Once these criteria have been met the client is given a carte blanche in the design of their dream piece of luxury jewellery.

During the personalization process of a custom piece, the customer selects their favourite gemstones. At this time the size and shape of the stones is also determined. Once purchased, the customer is free to make changes to their custom jewellery, thus creating a new piece. This ever-evolving piece can be passed on to future generations who can add to the legacy.

Put a jewel in your life

By embellishing each creation with the STAR OF SHAMBALLA, the brand aims to make you reflect on your inner and outer self, to encourage you to seek your own inner light and to “illuminate your surroundings by being compassionate, spreading love, sharing joy and exploring wisdom.”

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