Pasquale Bruni jewels, at Mercat del Diamant - Andorra’s luxury jeweler

Pasquale Bruni founded his Italian jewelry brand in 1976.

10.Pasquale Bruni Mercat del Diamant
30.Pasquale Bruni Mercat del Diamant
Pasquale Bruni jewels, at Mercat del Diamant - Andorra’s luxury jeweler

Italian luxury

This extraordinary designer creates fabulous, magical jewelry and strives to constantly evolve his luxury brand. This famous house of jewelry crafts pieces that embody the very finest of Italian luxury. For two generations, the brand has created exceptional high-end jewelry for women all over the world. Each piece is handcrafted in this luxury jeweler’s workshops and elegantly combines the noble qualities of precious metals with the rich depth of the most refined precious stones. The main inspiration for Pasquale Bruni’s collections is emotion. His work exudes an unconditional love for beauty and sensuality.


Pasquale Bruni’s philosophy: Love and life

Pasquale Bruni’s creative vision was dominated by a desire to preserve this unique Italian arts heritage while also introducing innovative production techniques. This luxury brand’s iconic jewels and astonishing pieces are inspired by the feeling of love and nature’s most poetic forms. Individuals around the world recognize Pasquale Bruni’s collections for their originality and modernity. Pasquale Bruni’s list of celebrity ambassadors is seemingly unending - Celine Dion, Laetitia Casta, Michelle Obama, Milla Jovovich, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Dita von Teese.

A never-ending passion for enduring beauty

Luxury: a family affair

Eugenia Bruni, daughter of the eponymous luxury brand’s founder, took over the helm of the family Empire as artistic director. Eugenia’s collections perpetuate her enthusiastic determination to create pieces that reflect feminine desires. This famous house of high jewelry uses surprising techniques to work with a fascinating selection of stones, most notably emeralds. Over time this gemstone became the luxury brand’s symbol as they are featured in the iconic pieces from its Haute Couture collection, which are considered to be true works of art.

Eugenia Bruni

Bon Ton Collection

The five-petal flower is one of this house of jewelry’s iconic pieces. It reflects a woman who is living an elegant, harmonious and refined lifestyle. This stylish, versatile collection has a romantic and casual look.


Prato Fiorito

The artistic and creative prowess of the Pasquale Bruni jewelry brand is reflected in the Prato Fiorito Collection. The very essence of woman is transformed into pure nature in a multitude of diamond flowers in an ornate interlacing of white gold.


Giardini Segreti Collection

The stunning Giardini Segreti Collection is an elegant tribute to the Milan courtyard gardens. The iconic pieces that make up this collection echo the sinuous curves of blossoming leaves with floral motifs crafted in fine gold and diamonds. Pieces of unparalleled beauty incorporate Zambian emeralds to represent nature’s lush and copious bounty.

Giardini Segreti ring

Ghirlanda Elizabeth Collection

The Ghirlanda Elizabeth Collection pays homage to two exemplary feminine figures: Elizabeth Taylor and Queen Elizabeth II. This high jewelry collection by Pasquale Bruni is crafted using emeralds, symbolizing both women’s passion for jewelry, and especially pieces that incorporate emeralds. The pieces in this collection’s reoccurring floral motif feature a lotus flower, which symbolizes life.


Celebrities love Pasquale Bruni’s jewelry

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