Niessing jewels at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s fine jeweler

Niessing, a house of jewelry producing contemporary designs, was founded in 1873 in the town of Vreden in the German region of Westphalia. Niessing’s guarantee of quality is backed by their research and development of innovative techniques coupled with their artisanal traditions. Niessing is committed to conserving its reputation, refusing to mass-produce its pieces. Each painstakingly crafted piece of jewelry is a valuable original and thus individualized and precious; their harmonious contours evoke strong emotions and their designs are of the utmost quality.

Niessing jewels at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s fine jeweler

Innovation at the heart of each creation

Bauhaus’ influence on Niessing design

The Bauhaus art movement was founded in Weimar, Germany and had a major influence on Niessing’s approach to design. The Bauhaus movement (1919-1933) had a significant impact on 20th century architecture, design and art. It also had a strong influence on Niessing’s designs. The Bauhaus movement was created at the Bauhaus Schools of Art where world-renowned artists such as Kandinsky and Paul Klee were professors. This school’s founding concept was to unite performing, applied and visual arts. Prior to the Bauhaus movement, these artistic fields where thought of as separate entities. The Bauhaus schools created an open communication between craft, art, industry and technology. The fundamental principle of the Bauhaus style was to revolutionize design by implementing the concept, “Functional is beautiful.” The resulting works emphasized minimalist designs, placing functionality before form. The Bauhaus movement played a pivotal role in 20th century design and architecture. Without this movement, Niessing would not be the luxury brand it is today!

The symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship and technology

The singularity of Niessing’s jewelry is made possible thanks to the broad array of techniques used to craft them, which incorporate a combination of traditional techniques and cutting-edge technologies. Each piece of jewelry passes through several pairs of expert hands before it is ready to wear; a master goldsmith may work on a piece during a key stage of its design or to add finishing touches while another phase of its production might involve laser technology. This symbiosis is what makes the House of Niessing so remarkable.

Niessing’s pillar: Bridal rings

Wedding rings have been a staple of Niessing since 1873. In the 1950s, Niessing became Germany’s top creator of bridal jewelry. As symbols of eternal love, these seamless wedding rings are forged from a solid piece of precious metal and have become iconic Niessing pieces. Their association with luxury bridal rings propelled the House of Niessing to adopt the universal symbol of budding love - a heart pierced by an arrow – as its logo.

The NIESSING RING® has become the solitaire of the day. The ring’s precious stone is held in the band without a setting, using the power of tension to keep it snuggly in place. This is the simplest and most beautiful way to showcase a diamond, as it seems to float effortlessly above the hand.

Design and artisanal tradition

During the manufacturing process of the Niessing luxury jewelry collections, the goldsmiths and designers pay close attention to the nuance of colors found in their raw materials and their varied selection of gold tones. During the 1980s, Niessing’s master craftsmen worked to find the finest shades of gold to create their revolutionary gold lines utilizing a wide array of gold hues. The alloys they created are available in various colors ranging from warm to cool shades. This hand-crafted collection of alloys allows Niessing to offer its clientele a broad selection of unique colors. Each of these creations were baptised with their own name: Ivory, Spring Green, Classic Yellow, Warm Yellow, Fine Rose, Classic Red, Rosewood Gray Sand, Fine Gray, Fine Gray Coated, Aura, Iris.

These different Niessing Colors were also used in the Colette Collection, featuring delicate gold-band bracelets.

Jewelry created to make you happy

Niessing poetically evokes its love for gold smithing and life. Each piece of Niessing jewelry is crafted to bring you joy and fill your life with soft clarity, making you beam with contentment. Each piece tells the story of its owner, echoing their unique character, aspirations and personality. Niessing jewelry is a reflection of one’s attitude towards life. Niessing forged its design philosophy around crafting such expressive jewelry and this tradition continues to this day.

Niessing gold is mined sustainably

NIESSING only uses gold and platinum from AGOSI (Allgemeine Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt AG), a precious metal refiner and supplier located in Pforzheim, Germany. AGOSI has received the Chain of Custody Certificate, which provides proof that the company uses a conflict-free delivery chain to refine its precious metals.

Your NIESSING jewelry at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s preeminent store for luxury watches and fine jewelry

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Your NIESSING jewelry at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s preeminent store for luxury watches and fine jewelry

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