Mikimoto pearls and jewels, at Mercat del Diamant, the pearls store in Andorra

Mikimoto Kōkichi (1858-1954) is credited with inventing the process for cultivating spherical pearls. According to the Japanese patent office, this entrepreneur is one of Japan’s top ten inventors.

Mikimoto pearls and jewels, at Mercat del Diamant, the pearls store in Andorra

Mikimoto Kōkichi’s sotry

Beginnings: A life-changing journey

In his 20s, the young Mikimoto Kōkichi decided to leave his hometown of Toba to explore Japan and Tokyo. He traveled eleven days by foot to Tokyo where he was enamored by the modern capital’s grandeur. He was incredibly surprised by the trade of abalones and sea cucumbers, propelling him to develop a keen interest in the seafood trade.

Discovering the world of pearls

Preserving aquatic wildlife: A source of inspiration

Mikimoto had his first encounter with the world of pearls in the province of Shima. He realized that pearls could fetch an exorbitant price but was struck by the overfishing, which occurred while procuring them. He came to the realization that finding a way to grow pearls was an urgent matter. Mikimoto felt that by creating protected oyster beds he would be able to regulate and stabilize the fishing process, which had been brutally destroying the surrounding marine ecosystem. As he continued on his journey, he stopped in the provinces of Osaka and Kobe to further his knowledge of the pearl trade.

Mikimoto Kōkichi: One of the world’s greatest inventors

In 1888, Mikimoto participated in a seafood fair held in Tokyo. He realized that the pearl trade was very fashionable but that given the rapid decline in pearl-producing oysters the trade was destined to disappear. This realization set Mikimoto on his life-long mission to raise pearl oysters. After years of painstaking work, experimentation and unsuccessful attempts, he finally succeeded in cultivating pearls. From this moment on his pearl trade would continue on its successful path.

The world’s first cultivated pearls boutique

Mikimoto Kōkichi opened his first pearl boutique in Tokyo in 1899. The majority of his clients were foreigners and he soon became known in the United States and then in England. This profitable period in Mikimoto’s career allowed him time to focus on designing luxury cultured pearl jewelry. By 1924, he was renowned throughout all of Japan and many Western countries as the country’s most prestigious jeweler. His legacy has remained intact to this day, as Mikimoto is synonymous with cultured pearls of incomparable quality.

Creations of exquisite purity

Cultured pearls and high jewelry

Today Mikimoto is one of the leading figures in the world of high jewelry. The brand’s pieces are sought-after and adored by individuals around the world. The brand’s precious pieces are made with top-quality, rare materials and gracefully decorated with pearls to create objects of unrefined beauty.

A fusion of Japanese design and Baroque art

The exceptional pieces crafted by Mikimoto employ the elegant blend of the sophisticated sensibility found in the Baroque style and the essence of Japanese Zen art. The simplicity of a perfect Mikimoto pearl is the finest example of pure beauty. Mikimoto Kōkichi passed down his love of pearls to his luxury brand, whose designers continue his legacy by producing original pieces of high jewelry.

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