Kailis jewels: Precious Australian pearls at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s fine jeweler

At the heart of each piece of Kailis pearl jewelry lays the reflection of the untreated and natural beauty of these Australian oceanic gems. It took only three decades for the House of Kailis to be credited as being Australia’s leading implementer of the pearl cultivating process, creating the South Sea’s finest pearls and high jewelry.

Kailis jewels: Precious Australian pearls at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s fine jeweler

Kailis: The story of pearls

Michael Kailis and the history of Australian pearls

A seafaring businessman, Michael Kailis, supported by his wife, a biologist, dreamt of building an enterprise around one of the marine world’s richest commodities: cultivated pearls. Michael Kailis, a seasoned entrepreneur, spent years establishing his brand and working in this trade. After thirty years of hard work and dedication, Kailis established itself as one of the world’s leading pearl cultivators. Each year, the world’s largest pearl oysters - Pinctada Maxima - produces nearly 250,000 white pearls, which are harvested in the Australian South Sea. Today, Kailis has five pearl cultivating farms located off the coast of Northern and Western Australia. These areas are carefully selected for the purity of the waters as this has a direct effect on their pearls’ color, size and exceptional luster.

Pearls & high jewelry

Kailis: Reinventing luxury jewelry with pearls

For decades, Kailis pearls have been sold to jewelers around the world. The House of Kailis now has its own jewelry brand and sets aside a fifth of its most stunning pearls to craft into extremely high-quality luxury pieces.

Outstanding creativity

The jewelry manufacturing branch of the House of Kailis is growing at an exponential rate and the brand now presents two collections a year. Kailis cultured pearl jewelry has become incredibly popular with French and Spanish customers seeking unique pieces that are both refined and elegant. This highly coveted brand now has locations in major cities all around the world.

Gold, gems and pearls

The jewelry collections produced by Kailis’ designers tastefully combine classic gemstones with modern settings, giving them a versatile quality that allows them to be worn with everyday clothing as well as an evening dress. Throughout its collections, Kailis delicate designs masterfully combine pearls with gold and diamonds. The pendants, earrings and rings featured in its collections are a means to showcase its pearls, allowing them to illuminate and surprise us with their sensuality and refinement.

Symbols of purity and dreams

The Shimmer and Ethereal collections symbolize purity and modernity. Their stunning design and magical allure dresses the women that wear them with bold elegance, evoking a feeling of dreamlike desire. Every piece of Kailis pearl jewelry offers luxury’s finest - from minimalist necklaces that barely brush against the skin to flamboyant rings with ornate delicate curls. White gold, diamonds and Australian pearls dance with stunning sensuality.

Your KAILIS jewelry at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s luxury watch and jewelry retailer

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Your KAILIS jewelry at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s luxury watch and jewelry retailer

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