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Legal Notice

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Data Protection
In accordance with the - Llei 29/2021, de 28 d’octubre, qualificada de Protecció de Dades Personals - concerning the protection of personal data, those using the website mercatdeldiamant.com are informed about the following: in order to offer better service and to facilitate the use of the website, an analysis is made of the number of pages visited, the number of visits and the activity of the visitors to the website and the frequency with which they use it. Furthermore, the website provides processes of user registry, contact, contests and marketing campaigns by means of which they collect personal data concerning the users which will form part of the CLIENTS file managed by GRANJA ROCA GRUP, S.A. When users take part in these processes, competitions or campaigns, GRANJA ROCA GRUP, S.A. will save the personal data they have requested and will take all necessary measures to avoid their unauthorized alteration, loss, treatment or access as established in applicable regulations. In these cases, the user may exercise all rights recognized by law and specifically, rights to access, make corrections or delete personal data as well as the right to revoke one’s consent for the transfer of their personal data.