For CHANEL, time is not just a matter of seconds on a dial. It is a permanent encounter between the moment and eternity, between the present and the codes established by Gabrielle Chanel.

Since 1987, this unique vision has been expressed in every single CHANEL watch, incarnations of a style that has stood the test of time, with timeless allure.

Marked by the creative freedom imposed by Mademoiselle in sewing, these pieces combine the creativity of the Place Vendôme studio with the exceptional know-how of the Swiss Manufacture of La Chaux-de-Fonds.

CHANEL: as feminine as it is timeless

1987 the beginnings: CHANEL watchmaking

The lines and form of Chanel’s Première watch echoes the very essence of The CHANEL Moment - simple yet sophisticated, discreet yet assertive. This unique timepiece is synonymous with this brand’s first hours of fame as its case was crafted to resemble the CHANEL N°5 perfume bottle’s octagonal stopper. This collection offers discerning collectors a wide array of aesthetic options; its case is available in leather or ceramic. Its chain-bracelet strap comes in a variety of lengths, which can be wrapped around the wrist once, twice of three times.

The J12 watch

The J12 watch represented a breakthrough in watch design and became the 21st century’s iconic timepiece. It revolutionized the use of ceramic as a luxury material. This bold watch is available in a myriad of black, white or diamond encrusted models, featured in ephemeral lines and exceptional limited editions pieces.

New collections

The BOY∙FRIEND watch is one of the House of Chanel’s new collections and is destined for daring individuals that forge their own destiny. With its delicate, bold and minimalist form, its octagonal case drew inspiration from the shape of Paris’ famous Place Vendôme. The BOY∙FRIEND watch erases watchmaking’s established lexicon of designs and blurs the lines between masculine and feminine style.

Launched in 2017, the Code Coco watch is reminiscent of CHANEL’S ever-evolving designs. The clasp is integrated into the watch’s case and closes with a twist and a click like the closure on the quilted Chanel 2.55 handbag, which was created by Mademoiselle Chanel in February 1955. The jewel like clasp separates the elongated case into upper and lower squares - the upper dial is simply set with a single princess-cut diamond, while the lower dial features a discreet time display. Its supple, lightweight and comfortable strap is designed to resemble the Chanel 2.55 handbag’s quilted exterior.

CHANEL: Sublimating time with panache since 1987

Emblematic savoir-faire

Born from a tradition of excellence, which blends traditional watchmaking savoir-faire and precise jewelry crafting techniques, CHANEL has been establishing its own vision of the watchmaking craft for the past 30 years. CHANEL has been sublimating time since 1987. Its Swiss-based factory holds countless patents and has made many innovations, allowing them to trail-blaze new techniques in watchmaking. This year, the House of Chanel earned its second in-house movement patent with a high-end interpretation of its Première watch. The bridges featured in the Première Camélia Skeleton Watch are shaped like a camellia flower, one Chanel’s symbols, which showcases their design team’s freedom of artistic expression.

The CHANEL style

Chanel puts the technical team at the service of the design team. Not the other way around. This luxury brand does not promote the creation of ephemeral fashions, hoisting its timeless designs onto its own distinct, regal pedestal. Chanel’s designs are always in tune with the changing times as the perpetual movement of a ticking timepiece constantly underlines the silhouette of a singular elegance.

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