Chopard watches at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s luxury watch and jewelry retailer

A family’s passion for traditions creates a precious heritage.

Chopard’s team of expert artisans builds upon two of this luxury brand’s central pillars, creativity and independence. This allows them the freedom to create masterpieces of superior quality in their Geneva-based workshops while bequeathing the company’s traditional skill and watchmaking knowledge from one master craftsman to another. Chopard’s determined and steadfast drive to support innovation pushes this luxury brand to reinvent the Swiss watchmaking and jewelry traditions.

Chopard watches at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s luxury watch and jewelry retailer

The House of Chopard’s history

The Swiss watchmaking tradition

Louis-Ulysse Chopard (1836-1915) was 24 years old when he established his first workshop. He rapidly became known as a craftsman who listened to his customers, incorporating their desires into his work. He realized that his clientele was looking for practical yet elegant watches. From that point forward, Chopard put his expert knowledge and technological advancements in the watchmaking field to use by fully dedicating himself to inventing watches that were fashionable, compact and precise. Thanks to their reliability and high-quality design, Chopard watches became the pinnacle of luxury timepieces. Shortly after the company’s foundation his innovative designs were sought-after by prestigious international customers and his pieces were exported to a myriad of illustrious places. For example, the Russian Tsar Nicholas II expressed his confidence and loyalty in Chopard with several prestigious commissions. Chopard became the official provider of watches for the Swiss railway company. The brand’s revolutionary products helped modernize and improve everyday life.

Karl-Scheufele III: German goldsmith and watchmaker

Louis-Ulysse Chopard’s Grandson, Paul-André Chopard, took over as manager of the family watchmaking business in 1943. The turmoil of the Second World War caused the company to experience a period of unrest and gradual decline. Paul-André decided to sell the company because none of his children were interested in continuing the business. A renowned goldsmith and German watchmaker, Karl-Scheufele III, took over Chopard. He incorporated his skilled knowledge as a goldsmith into the House of Chopard’s designs while remaining faithful to the brand’s previously established reputation and artistic sensibility. He played an active role in remaking Chopard a fine watchmaking establishment while enriching the enterprise with his exceptional designs. The Chopard brand has become a pioneer in both the high jewelry and fine watchmaking fields.

Internationally renowned collections

The Happy Diamonds collection

As the company changed hands so did its designs and its watches reflected the company’s new spirit. Chopard’s long tradition in fine watchmaking was allied with Scheufele’s skill in gold smithing. This melting pot of expert knowledge, tradition and precise technology allowed the brand to launch its first collection of woman’s watches called Happy Diamonds. This stunning, sophisticated watch featured floating diamonds between two transparent sapphire watch crystals mounted in a gold case.

Sports watches

Chopard constantly strove to reinvent itself as a company and expand its enterprise. In the 1980s the brand released an innovative collection of sports watches with leather straps. In 1988, Chopard became a corporate partner of the Mille Miglia car rally in Italy. This partnership was celebrated with the Mille Miglia collection of sports watches. Since this partnership began, Chopard has released a yearly special limited edition collection of Mille Miglia watches. The Happy Sport collection was launched in the 1990s. This collection remains an icon to this day and its countless models incorporate a unique combination of diamond and steel.

L.U.C watches

The L.U.C. watches proudly carry the initials of this luxury brand’s founder, Louis-Ulysse Chopard. This collection is comprised of timepieces that epitomize the highest standards of Swiss watchmaking. The brainchild of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, the L.U.C. collection was launched in 1997. The collection swiftly expanded to feature ten types of calibers and more than sixty variations of high-precision mechanisms, including the chronograph movement. To this day, L.U.C. timepieces are designed by Chopard Manufacture, echo the purest watchmaking tradition and are certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). A large majority of Chopard’s fine timepieces also bear the Geneva Seal of quality.

Partnerships and international success

Chopard’s prestige in the watchmaking tradition is reflected by its various collaborations, including the Cannes International Film Festival, the historic Grand Prix held in Monaco and the Italian Mille Miglia car rally. Each and every one of Chopard’s collections is a testament to high quality. Countless celebrities have fallen in love with the brand’s jewel-embellished timepieces, set with rare precious gemstones. Today it is not uncommon to see politicians, sportsmen and A-listers from around the world sporting a Chopard watch on their wrist. This level of recognition reflects this luxury brand’s unparalleled talent.

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