OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN jewels at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s luxury jeweler

A passionate and creative goldsmith, Ole Lynggaard founded his company in Copenhagen in 1963. This young craftsman was fascinated by the art of jewelry making and strove for excellence. The house of jewelry’s exceptional collection of iconic pieces draws inspiration from Scandinavian nature and often incorporates symbols such as its emblem - the snake - or delicate leaves and stars crafted of gold and diamonds.

OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN jewels at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s luxury jeweler

OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN: Luxury Jewelry meets Scandinavian style

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Shooting Stars

An impassioned goldsmith

The voyage: A source of inspiration

At the beginning of this luxury brand’s history, Ole Lynggaard showed great perseverance as he sought out knowledge of this unique artistry by serving as apprentice in the studio of a Paris jeweler located in the famous Place Vendôme. After two years of apprenticeship, the young Ole left France and traveled to Japan, India, the United States and Egypt. During a visit to the Museum of Cairo, he was enthralled by a stele embellished with carved snakes. Over the years, this ornate design inspired many of his works and a more sensual representation of the snake was eventually adopted as the House of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN’S emblem. The snake was used to decorate countless bracelets and rings, which were carved in rare and precious stones.


Charlotte and Søren continued their family legacy and their passion for this unique artistry handed down to them by their father while infusing it with a new artistic vision. Charlotte took on her father’s previous role as goldsmith and designer by directing the House of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN’S creative department. Her brother Søren became the company’s executive director. On their perpetual quest for true perfection, the two siblings worked in tandem to further develop their family business employing the most exacting standards to select the precious stones and metals used to craft their jewelry.

Creating a luxury brand

OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN’S main goal was to become a luxury brand. Charlotte’s personal taste and style gave birth to her creative organic designs, which intertwined bohemian and chic styles, resulting in pieces of refined elegance. This explosive mixture of styles was inspired by her travels and her love for flea markets. This designer’s work was, and still is, heavily influenced by nature, incorporating elements such as flowers, leaves, acorns and, of course, the brand’s iconic signature snake. One of Charlotte’s most noteworthy creations is the Midnight Tiara, which she spent nearly 400 hours designing and manufacturing.

The tiara features a delicate intertwining of branches crafted of pink and white gold as well as black oxidized silver. Flower buds of various sizes crafted from moonstone of different shades and 1,300 white diamonds pepper the tiara. Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark fell in love with this incredible masterpiece and it has become the tiara she wears to formal occasions such as the Queen’s birthday. OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN’S humble relationship with the Danish royal family goes back many years. Once the brand had won international success its close ties to the Royal family where unveiled. It was finally revealed that this designer was no interloper but the established jeweler of the Danish court’s official.

A delicate fusion of artisanal skill and Scandinavian design

A unique artistry passed down through the generations

Ole Lynggaard passed down his passion for gold smithing to his daughter Charlotte who infused his legacy with a touch of femininity. This designer’s passion has endured to this day. The cornerstones of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN are craftsmanship and design. This Scandinavian luxury brand’s unique style places it among the world’s leading fine jewelry designers. With her background in gold smithing, Charlotte Lynggaard loves to work with gold. This material’s wide range of properties offers this designer endless possibility for her artistic expression. Blue topaz, coral, moonstone and red, pink and green tourmaline crystals are hallmarks of this House’s designs.

The snake: a bold emblem of luxury

Charlotte’s keen artistic sensibility allows her to craft pieces whose finesse reveals a sensitivity and delicate sensuality. One of the designer’s favorite pieces is the Leaf Ring. This sleek ring symbolizes femininity and elegance and is crafted from yellow and pink gold. Its intricately hand-engraved features allow light to play on its surface. Representative of the family’s deep generational knowledge, this ring reveals the artistic passion that has been passed down through the generations of this family of master jewelers. The Winter Frost Collection was inspired by Scandinavian winters and features delicate pieces crafted from diamond and gold. The finesse with which this collection was created is proof of the Lynggaard family’s expert artistic skill and passion. We find a parallel level of artistry and spirit in the Lotus and Shooting Stars collections. Much like her father, Charlotte Lynggaard is inspired by the nuances and delicate elements she finds in Scandinavian nature. This representation of Scandinavian landscapes is elegantly fused with a minimalist Japanese style, producing jewelry that gracefully echoes the untamed wilderness. The designer uses this bold blend of cultures as a foundation for creative inspiration.

Your OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN jewelry at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s luxury watch and fine jewelry store

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Your OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN jewelry at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s luxury watch and fine jewelry retailer

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