de Grisogono jewelry, by Mercat del Diamant jewelers in Andorra

It would be an understatement to say that the brand de Grisogono has turned the world of luxury jewelry upside down since its inception in 1993 by rewriting certain aesthetic codes and, above all, by catering to an A-list clientele. In accordance with this company philosophy, the brand’s creator, Fawaz Gruosi, created a ring with 365 rubies adorned with a round, 14-carat diamond.

de Grisogono jewelry, by Mercat del Diamant jewelers in Andorra

Bold, ultra-luxurious and meticulously crafted

Fawaz Gruosi’s world of jewelry

According to Fawaz Gruosi, the detail and attention given to each piece of jewelry is what distinguishes High Jewelry from very High Jewelry.

When crafting his unique pieces, special attention is given to the setting. Gruosi ensures that his inventive craftsmanship and talent are celebrated by using an elaborate and precise design processes.

Gruosi was often referred to as an iconoclastic genius. His expert knowledge and mastery allow him to create some of the most sought after jewelry collections available on the market.

The black diamond

Gruosi’s gift for creation is present in the brand’s earrings, bracelets and pendants, each piece boasting an original design and the finest raw materials.

Fawaz Gruosi excels in bringing out the beauty of gemstones that are not traditionally used in the jewelry field such as black diamonds. His exceptional talent allowed him to use this gemstone to craft superb, exceptional pieces.

One of his secrets is to give the gemstones that he uses in his pieces a unique and timeless quality through his rare techniques. For example, he uses his own techniques for working gold or by mixing different colored gemstones. de Grisogono transcends very High Jewelry by creating the exceptional.

Almost inaccessible, extremely high-end collections

de Grisogono is a proponent of the idea that ultra-luxury is often reflected in larger-than-life sizes. He has crafted rings that weigh 15 to 20 grams, allowing his jewelry to be categorized as object d’art, this is due to the fact that the best craftsmen on the planet worked to carve, engrave and set these pieces of art.

Made for a clientele in search of exclusivity

At de Grisogono, the vast majority of the pieces created are one of a kind; diamonds, emeralds and sapphires are never assembled in the same way. Gruosi explains, "The customers don’t like it when other individuals can purchase the same piece. In addition, it is very difficult to find gems of a size or quality sufficient to produce two identical pieces."

de Grisogono does not cater only to an A-list clientele; the Italian designer also creates luxurious but much more affordable pieces.

The illustrious collections Allegra, Boule, Chiocciola, Matassa and Melody of Colors are sure to spark the interest of those that love elegant and distinguished jewelry.

The Constellation

Despite the fact that he established his business in Geneva, Switzerland - a highly competitive area in the jewelry field - de Grisogono has succeeded in achieving distinction by focusing on crafting extreme luxury and very high-end pieces.

It was a bit of a gamble but the company successfully acquired The Constellation, an 813-carat gemstone valued at $63 million! Enough to give the brand’s creative owner free rein to design the piece of his dreams!

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