Chopard jewels at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s luxury jeweler

A family’s passion steeped in traditions creates a precious heritage.

Chopard’s team of expert artisans builds upon two of this fine jewelry brand’s central pillars, creativity and independence. This allows them the freedom to create masterpieces of superior quality in their Geneva-based workshops while bequeathing the company’s traditional skill and knowledge from one master craftsman to another. Chopard’s determined and steadfast drive to support innovation pushes this House of Jewelry to reinvent the Swiss watchmaking and jewelry traditions.

Chopard jewels at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s luxury jeweler

Chopard: High Jewelry at its finest

Widely-recognized and praised savoir-faire

From a very early age Louis-Ulysse Chopard was passionate about watchmaking and gold smithing, which led him to create his first workshop. His skill and knowledge in the field garnered him international recognition.

The House of Chopard flourished anew when the Scheufele family of German jewelers took over the company. Thanks to this new impetus, Chopard became highly sought-after in the field of watchmaking and jewelry.

Chopard: Pioneers in luxury

Chopard’s jewelry collections echo the sophisticated techniques used by goldsmiths and master jewelers. Their creations use the very finest artisanal techniques. The pieces draw us into a world of luxury, where we discover pieces of rare beauty created by hands whose talent is unrivalled and whose masterpieces preserve a well-guarded savoir-faire.

Chopard: Emblematic collections

Happy Diamonds

In 1976, Caroline Scheufele introduced a new and revolutionary concept to its jewelry collections with Happy Diamonds.

Discover the HAPPINESS Issue #1

Her creativity and vision allowed her to develop an innovative feature that had never been used before – floating diamonds between two transparent sapphire watch crystals mounted in a gold case. This allows the diamonds to swirl delicately like an enchanting, hypnotic spinning top. This feature paved the way for countless collections such as the Happy Hearts and Happy Dreams collections. Watches showcasing this feature are timeless and never go out of style.

Happy Hearts

Impériale Collection

Once again, Chopard’s inexhaustible talents surprise us with this collection, which was inspired by the onion domes and palaces of Russian Orthodox churches. The Imperial Collection makes reference to the Slavic Arts by reinterpreting these sensual and dreamlike forms. The powerful color of amethyst paired with diamonds, rubies and emeralds result in masterpieces of exceptional beauty.

Ice Cube Collection

The twentieth-century architectural movement rationalism inspired the Ice Cube Collection, which features a geometric minimal design. Diamonds and precious stones are cut into a square shape that transitions into an octagon using the Acher Cut and nestled into a gold setting. The stone’s extraordinary quality is used to emulate the expansive glass facades of our modern city skyscrapers. These refreshingly modern pieces can be worn alone or in a stack.

This iconic collection unites two different lines crafted for the multi-facetted heroines in our lives.

L’heure du diamant

The Journey to Sustainable luxury: Chopard’s philanthropic partnerships and commitment

Chopard’s commitment to sustainable luxury can be found in all of its manufacturing steps, as well as through its various ecologically-minded partnerships and philanthropic commitments. Materials such as gold and diamonds are mined according to ethical criteria. Eco-initiatives are emerging in the hopes of significantly improving the lives and working conditions of extractors and producers, most of whom live in developing countries. Respect for man and nature are thus placed at the core of this House of High Jewelry’s business philosophy.

In Chopard’s workshops each employee is unique and each apprentice must receive the best tutelage in order to perpetuate the traditional savoir-faire of the House of Chopard’s master jewelers. This steadfast commitment to creating sustainably manufactured and philanthropic luxury is visible in the company’s various eco-friendly infrastructures. Chopard was awarded the Label Minergie for its environmentally-friendly building designs.

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