Chaumet jewels at Mercat del Diamant - Andorra’s luxury jeweler

Crafted in the heart of Paris’ historic Place Vendôme square, Chaumet’s jewelry and timepieces reflect the exceptional savoir-faire and refined Parisian taste that went into their making. Chaumet diamonds, gems and precious metals breathe life into each piece of jewelry. Chaumet’s high jewelry collections are imagined with bold creativity and represent a vision of tomorrow.

Chaumet jewels at Mercat del Diamant - Andorra’s luxury jeweler

Excellence according to Chaumet

A well-guarded tradition

Chaumet, the French house of master jewelers embodies the true art of gold smithing in each delicate detail of their work. This obsession with detail and purity of design requires an expert mastery of the quilloché decorative technique, engraving, enamelling and setting. These master craftsmen have the knowledge to recognize the finest raw materials, gold, diamonds and gemstones, which is essential for crafting jewels of this rare purity.

The collections

Joséphine Collection

The Joséphine Collection immortalizes the taste of its muse, the Empress Joséphine, with the House of Chaumet’s signature style of delicate elegance. This collection is the perfect blend of refined design and flamboyant gems and revitalizes two hundred and thirty years of expert tradition with contemporary creativity.

Liens Collection
The Liens Collection, or Link Collection, was named after the symbolic thread that unites two beings and brings them together to fulfil their destiny. It echoes the relationship we have with others and the surrounding world. This collection allows you to offer a physical representation of your ever-enduring devotion.

Bee my love Collection

Bee my love is a symbol of the divine and eternal power of Napoleon I. The gold bee adorned the attire and decorated the apartments of the Imperial couple. Until now, the Master Jewellers of the House created all sorts of naturalist jewellery depicting bees.

Jeux de Liens Harmony

The Jeux de Liens Harmony medals, the latest innovation from Chaumet, are a unique reinterpretation of the sentimental jewel.

Very dear to the House, it allows a message of love to be engraved on the back, for a unique present. Available both as a bracelet and in three models of pendants, these new creations take up the iconic crossed links of the Jeux de Liens collection, while associating them for the first time with an asymmetrical circle.

A beautiful allusion to the love that unites two beings, two lives, two personalities.

The House of Chaumet and France’s history are deeply intertwined

Founded in 1780, the House of Chaumet was originally directed by Marie-Etienne Nitot, who built a loyal clientele of aristocrats up until the French Revolution of 1789. Chaumet became one of the most sought-after jewelers when Nitot was appointed as Emperor Napoleon the First and Empress Josephine’s official jeweler. The jewels crafted by this emblematic House of High Jewelry contributed to Napoleon’s lavish image and reflected the Emperor’s power. Nitot designed all of Napoleon’s wedding jewels as well as the sovereign’s coronation crown. Nitot granted the Emperor’s wish to project an image of power when designing and setting the hilt for Napoleon’s Imperial Sword. The House of Chaumet’s exceptional reputation has thrived for more than 235 years. The nineteenth century was marked with triumph for Chaumet, as it established a most prestigious clientele, including great names such as Louis-Philippe, the Duchess of Berry, and the Russian Prince Anatole Demidoff.

From the Belle Époque to Art Deco

Joseph Chaumet gave his name to the House of Jewelry and came to be recognized as the undisputed master of the Belle Époque due to his exceptional creativity and his ability to imitate nature in his designs, resulting in a resurgence of the Renaissance style. This style heavily influenced the sumptuous tiaras that were in great demand during this period and which became iconic pieces that remain one of Chaumet’s specialities to this day. From the end of the 19th century until the post-war era, Chaumet played a definitive role in the inception of the Art Deco style to the delight of early 20th century artists and celebrities.

From tradition to modernity

In the wake of the 1930s, Chaumet perpetuated its signature style, which embodied fine Parisian taste. Through countless collaborations with prestigious companies such as Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, Chaumet became known as a pioneer in the field of luxury and high jewelry. Chaumet surprised the world of luxury by offering unconventional high jewelry pieces comprised of a surprising combination of gold set with semi-precious stones, bronze and mother-of-pearl.

Chaumet today

Chaumet’s rebirth: Bought by LVMH

In 1989, the multinational luxury goods conglomerate LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE) bought Chaumet, elevating the company back onto its rightful throne.

Inalienable savoir-faire

Today, Chaumet continues to illuminate the world of luxury. Its jewelers, under the direction of a master craftsman, create all the individualized orders as well as the pieces of high jewelry. Using the workshop’s original 200-year-old wood workbenches, polishers, setters and jewelers craft their pieces in the workshop where this marvelous epic began so many centuries ago. Their work immortalizes the House of Chaumet’s traditional savoir-faire as each craftsman bequeaths their skill to their successor. Chaumet’s historic collections include mock-ups of jewelry crafted in nickel silver. This unique way of presenting a first draft of a piece allows the customer to visualize the shape and size of the jewelry before launching its production in the workshop. Chaumet showcases its skill and knowledge of this craft in each item in its collections, making every piece that leaves the workshop exceptional. The 12 Vendôme Collection features high jewelry pieces that are editioned from 1 to 12 (including 4 tiaras). This collection was unveiled at the Biennale des Antiquaires and pays tribute to the different styles used by Chaumet over the generations.

For more than two centuries, the House of Chaumet has been known for crafting Jewelry of Feelings creating tiaras and bridal sets that are authentic pledges of love. Explore Chaumet’s wide array of engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal sets. Celebrate your love with the luxury of an unparalleled piece of jewelry.

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