After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service

MERCAT DEL DIAMANT offers its clientele a comprehensive after-sales service.

After-Sales Service
After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service

High-end chronographs and watches are very sophisticated and precise instruments that work 24/7. As such, they inevitably accrue signs of age according to individual use.

Much akin to a car or airplane, they must be serviced regularly in order to keep them in top running order.

As an integral and essential part of our quality customer services, when you make a purchase at Mercat del Diamant you will also be provided with our after-sales service.

We provide our customers with an after-sales service that meets their expectations, is efficient and guarantees first-class maintenance and servicing of all of our watch and jewelery brands.

Maintaining and servicing your watch

In order to have your watch maintained or repaired, we invite you to bring it to our store where it will be examined. An invoice for anticipated services will be drawn up prior to servicing your timepiece.


• The user can request a quote prior to any repairs. This will generate a cost, if rejected, of €30.00 if it is made in Andorra or €50.00 if it is sent abroad.
• Preliminary budget approval is required before initiating any repairs.
• The user agrees to collect his watch within a maximum period of 6 months from the notice of termination of service, except in cases of force majeure.
• Please note that the warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use of the watch (bumps, broken glass or bracelet, magnetisation, improper handling, non-sealing of airtight crowns, etc.).
• Tightness tests require a 48-hour lead time.
• We remind you that water resistant / 3 ATM / 30 M watches only tolerate surface exposure to water, and cannot be submerged.
• All orders placed will be ineffective from 6 months following the date of entry into the STBM Technical Service.
• No object of repair or creation will be delivered without the presentation of the corresponding receipt.